Antipasto of the house

Italian antipasto (selection of cold meats and cheese)

Parm Ham with melon or figs

Parm Ham with burrata cheese

Bresaola (cured beef)

Octopus salad

Prawn Cocktail

Rosted scamorza cheese with speck

Marinated Salmon

Slice veal with tuna and caper mayonnaise

Grilled vegetables

Bread meat ball in tomato sauce


Special of the day (on request)
(da chiedere)

(cherry tomatoes,speck, smoked scamorza cheese and rocket))

Orecchiette pasta in variuos ways

Spaghetti with sundried tomatoes and rocket

Pureed broad beans with boiled chicory

Pappardelle with Porcini mushrooms

Gnocchi in variuos ways (potato based pasta much tomato and mozzarella)

Tagliatelle with Salmon


Beef stuffed - barese style tomato sauce

Skewer of grilled meats

Veal chop

Rolled tripe

Griled lamb

Paillard of veal

Porc escalope

Milanese porc escalope (bread - crumbed porc)

Grilled fillet of veal

Fillet with green pepper sauce

Grilled Entrecote

Grilled sousice

Grilled slices beef with rocket and parmesan

Porc shop

Grilled irish beef steak